P.A service and equipment

Service audio, luci e video per piccole e medie manifestazioni con noleggio del materiale
Service audio, lighting and video for small and medium-sized events with equipment rental


X32 Behringer Midas with 32 in/ 16 out via CAT5

Yamaha 01V96

 Foh & power amplifier
Caber Cr1000 (n°4)
Caber sub 1500 (n°2)
Proel The Edge new series 121 sub (n°2)
Powersoft Digimod for all p.a with Drive rack 6 out
Lift sospension kit up to five meters
All p.a 12000 watt

Monitoring & Power Amplifier
S.A 1100 (n°3)
S.A 1400 (n°1)
S.A 400 (n°1)
Martin Audio EM15 (n°2)
Proel WDA 15 (n°4)
Proel WDA 12 (n°2)
Proel Next 400 (n°4)
HK Proworks 10 (n°2)
S.A Top215 (n°2)
S.A Lws 10 P (n°2)

Akg C460B with ck63uls (n°2)
Akg C451E
Beyer M69 TG(° 2)
Beyer Opus65
Cad E200
CM1 couple set condenser (n°2)
Kennet ET4545 (n°2)
Lombardi LM2060 vintage series (n°2)
Neumann KM184 (n°2)
Neumann U87 vintage series 1978
Sennheiser MD441U (n°2)
Sennheiser e 604 (n°3)
Shure sm58 (n°8)
Shure sm57 (n°6)
Sc 1000 condenser (n°2)
Yamaha MZ204
d.i (n°8)

 Wireless System
Sennheiser EW 135 G2 white headset and handset (n°6)
S.A 2025 system with lavalier, head set and hand set (n°10)
Shure PGX24 (n°1)
Shure BLX (n°1)

 Audio Cables & Accessories
Stage box S16 Behringer digital snake with 32 in and 16 out for 75 meters via CAT5

Audio multicore with 24 input e 6 out, 20 meters
Stage box 15 meters with 12 input
Xlr, jack, balanced cable and connector
Mic stand (n°20)
CD reader (n°3) and n°1 DVD Reader
Beamer Optoma ES522 2800 Ansi Lumen + Screen 83,8"-213cm



n°10 PAR 56 BLACK with par56 lamp GX16D 300watt
n°16 PAR 64 BLACK with par64 lamp GX16D 1000watt CP60/62
n° 4 PAR 64 SILVER with R7s 500watt
n°6 PAR 36 mounting on n° 2 alluminium crossbar
n°4 PAR ACL mounting on alluminium crossbar with aircraft lamp ACL 250watt
n° 4 Ribalta Domino Black 500 watt
n° 2 Ribalta Domino Black 1000 watt
n° 2 Blinder couple 1300 watt
n° 2 Moving head Proel Dreamlight 250 spot
n° 4 scanner SGM Victory II
n°4 PAR Led 12 x 12 point RGBaUV (150 watt cad)
n° 2 Moving head PL56 wash led 56 watt
n° 2 DIMMER Strand Lighting ACT6 tot 12 ch
n° 1 green laser projector 150mW
n° 1 red laser projector 150mW
n° 2 fog machine 1500 watt Drago
n° 1 fog machine 800 watt
n° 2 stroboscopes 1500 & 750 watt
n°1 Followspot HMI 575 with zoom,iris and goboroad
n°6 Profile Proel 25-30 ° 750 watt
n°4 PC 1000 watt/GY9,5 with barndoor
n°2 PC 2000 watt/GY9,5
All spare lamps (CP 60,62,GX16,GY9.5,R7s)
many filters color
many dmx cables 110ohm
n°2 light stands max to 3 meters with cross bar
n°2 light stands max to 3,5 meters with cross bar
n°2 wind up max to 4 meters with cross bar
n°4 Duo Truss 200 cm
n°5 Duratruss Truss 200 cm 35D
n°2 Duratruss Truss 100 cm 35D
n°2 Duratruss Truss 100 cm 35D lift
n°8 speaker stands max 2 meters
many couplers,hooks,clamps,safety steel,load loops & Spanset
n°1 desk light 24 ch Proel
n°1 desk light 512 dmx ch Studio Due-Control Five/C

Power Supply
Power Distributor GEWISS 63 ampere input trifase
n° 3 out 32 ampere trifase, n° 2 out 16 ampere monofase, n° 1 out 32 ampere monofase
Power Distributor WORK 32 ampere input trifase
n° 1 out 32 ampere trifase n° 3 out 16 ampere monofase
many multicore 1,2,4 channels & multiple socket output with schuko

Led wall
Acronn 25 panels (50 cm X 50 cm) with pixel pitch 31mm outdoor ip65 for 7mq

All facilities are monitored with constant maintenance
Le attrezzature sono in costante manutenzione