The Control Room is 35 square meters. It is acoustically treated and is streaming with sunlight. The center piece is the mixing console:  a  very modern Amek  Angela II + Supertrue automation.  Artists  can  choose  to  track  to  2"  analog tape on an Otari MTR80 II or directly to ProTools HD or on both in perfect synchronization thanks to Digidesign Sync. All cables are in the floor.Very comfortable behind the mixer is a large space that allows musicians to feel at home while recording at every stage of the production process. The control room is very cozy, especially during the winter season, and features views of the town's harbor.WiFi connection and parking right outside the control room are available as well.

La regia è di 35mq e gode di luce naturale e di un acustica molto controllata. Il pezzo centrale è il mixer: un modernissimo analogico Amek Angela II con automazione Supertrue. I musicisti possono scegliere di registrare 24 piste sul nastro analogico da 2" con Otari MTR80 II, o ProTools HD o su entrambi in perfetta sincronizzazione grazie al Digidesign Sync. Tutti i cablaggi sono sotto il pavimento.
Molto confortevole alle spalle del mixer un grande spazio che permette ai musicisti di sentirsi come a casa durante la registrazione ed in ogni fase del processo di produzione. La sala regia è molto accogliente soprattutto durante il passaggio della stagione invernale, godendo di un'ampia vista sul porto della città con splendidi tramonti. Connessione WiFi ultraveloce e comodo parcheggio di fronte alle vetrate della regia.


AMEK ANGELA II, 40 input, 24 output, 80 ch in mixdown
Eq, gate & faders for a great british sound !!!
Supertrue last version for 80 fader & Virtual Dynamics
Extreme good condition maintenance

Multitrack & Daw

Otari MTR80 II 24 trk I/O + autolocator
Recording Media Quantegy GP9 and Ampex 499
Pro Tools HD3 Accel PciE vers 10.3 with 32 I/O trough:
Digidesign 192 I/O  - 888 24 I/O - Swissonic AD/DA 8ch
Mac Pro 8 core 5,1, Mac OsX, n° 2 monitors 22" & 48"
Logic Pro X 10.5 with 32 in - 32 out live set DN32
MacBook Pro 15_13_12, Mac OsX
Full list of Plug ins
Digidesign Sync I/O (for tape to amek to PT)
MTP AV Synchroniser 128 midi channels

Tracks Tape Machine

Sony MDS JE330 minidisc deck
Yamaha KX390 cassette recorder
Tascam DA20 dat
Marantz and Pioneer CD player


Urei 1176 LN (cl by DMS), compressor
Dbx 160A, compressor
Dbx 166, stereo compressor
Dbx 163x, compressor (n°2)
Dbx 363x, dual gate(n°2)
Dbx 263x, de esser
Presonus Digitube, tube amp & parametric eq
Sae S2800, solid state parametric eq 2 ch
Alesis Midiverb II, 1980's fx
Boss TU50 tuner


Genelec 1031A (mid monitor) with mono sub Resolv 120
Yamaha NS10m (near monitor)
Jvc UXV100 & Majestic (for domestic foldback)
Akg 141 - 53 ohm (n° 6)
Beyer Dynamic DT990 (n° 1)


Yes Audio PA200 (for nearfield)
Technics SU300 (for studio room)
Samson cue headphone system stereo 5 out
Powerplay pro xl 4 out


Neumann U87 vintage series 1978
Cad E200
Neumann KM184 (n°2)
Akg C460B with ck63uls (n°2)
Akg C451E
Sennheiser MD441U (n°2)
Beyer M69 TG (n° 2)
Lombardi LM2060 vintage series (n°2)
Beyer Opus65
Yamaha MZ204
E 604 (n°4)
Shure sm57 (n°6)
Ovid CC100
d.i (n°8)

Control room instruments

Alesis D4 drums module
Yamaha EMT1 fm sounds
Yamaha EMT10 awm sounds
Roland U110 (full cards)
Akay S2000 (full expanded & library)
Roland SC55


Boss pedals: DS1, SD1, PH2, ODB3, FZ2, AW2, GE6, CS2, TR2
Others: Electro Harmonix Smallstone, BE10 Ibanez, YT1200, locobox CH-01, Marshall RF1 reverb, Axcess DL-103 delay


This is our main live recording area and rehearsal room for bands not exceeding seven people playing at the same time. Reflective wooden floor and stone walls, three stained glasses that let in natural sun light, sound absorbing velvet ceilings and sound traps in the corners make up the acoustics of this 30sq meters natural sounding room. Beyond the control room window is a view of the sea which offers artists a quiet and highly creative environment. It also features two iso booths for vocals, amps or other instruments during busy live recording sessions. Air recirculation, air conditioning and heating complete the setup.

Questa è la nostra principale area di registrazione dal vivo e sala prove per formazioni non superiori alle sette persone. Pavimento riflettente in legno e pietra viva su alcune pareti, tre vetrate con luce naturale, soffitto in velluto assorbente e trappole sonore per gli angoli tutto in circa 30 mq dal suono acustico e naturale. Al di là del vetro regia la vista del mare che concede agli artisti un ambiente tranquillo ed altamente creativo. Dispone inoltre di due stand vocali con ampia vetrata per isolare gli amplificatori e/o i musicisti durante le sessioni dal vivo. Completano il setup ricircolo d’aria, aria condizionata e riscaldamento.

Drum & percussion

Tamburo maple studio signature drum set1994 year : 22”, 12”, 13”, 16”
Tamburo maple studio Snare 6"
Pearl maple studio Snare 4"
Standard cymbals set ufip (ride. hi hat, crash)
Drumheads Remo Ambassador, Emperor & Pin Stripe
Little percussion set: tambourine, maracas, cabala, shaker, eggs, etc.

Guitar and Bass

Marshall JMP1 valve midi pre amp
Rocktron Sidewinder pre amp 3 channel
Marshall Head 100 mosfet with cabinet 4 x 10
Marshall JCM900 dual valve reverb combo
Randall cabinet 4 x 12
Vox AC30
Ashdown mag 300 with cabinet 4 x 10 with horn
Fender Precision 70 bass
Fender Telecaster custom fretles 70 bass
Jazzmaster custom guitar
Eko folk acoustic


Korg M1 with cards
Thomann Sp series_88 keys
Fatar studio88
Technics SX-kn1200

Monitoring & p.a

Yamaha NS10m (foldback from control room)
Proel WD12a (n°2)
Behringer x32


Shure sm58 (n°6)
d.i (n°4)


The private lounge is equipped with a telephone, a coffee machine, tea and also comes with a library and an outside smoking area.

Un salottino con telefono, area esterna fumatori, macchina caffè espresso, tè e libreria